• Daphne Mintz

Seriously, EVERY Picture Tells a Story

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

"Every picture tells a story, don't it" Rod Stewart (God, love him)

#ideas #images

A picture captures a time, a place, and at least one person. All it needs is plot.

I encourage every writer (all genres) to complete a homework assignment from a creative writing class I took eons ago (pre-Internet):

Daily, write down a brief description for 3 images you notice.

Many scenes in my work have come from that exercise. Though I haven't maintained capturing 3 images per day, I still have ideas I want to cultivate from the first year. One specific image is of a male hitchhiker sitting on a red suitcase. It was a hard case, probably a Samsonite. It was not a suitcase that I could picture belonging first-hand to a man, not in those days. There's a woman in that story somewhere. In my story, it will be a sister.

Today, I usually have my phone and just take a quick snapshot of something interesting. It's a great way to kickstart the creative mind, to detach from yourself yet connect to the planet.

I have a goal to periodically post images in the Image Bank on this blog to serve as prompts. I hope you visit from time to time and find a story. Feel free to share a picture on this blog, too, and challenge folks to come up with story ideas.


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